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  1. Buying a coat for your new dachshund: mistakes to avoid

    Image of a dachshund and a shopping bag

    Having a new dachshund is incredibly exciting, whether she's an older rescue dog or a tiny new puppy.  And if you want to protect her from the cold and rain with a coat, then read on to find out about the mistakes we made when buying coats in the early days, so you don't have to make them too!

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  2. New Barkmatic snuggle sack: designed by our dachshunds for your dachshunds

    New Barkmatic snuggle sack
    Our new dachshund snuggle sack is the perfect example of a customer-designed product. And it's a bit different to most other snuggle sacks. We know our dachshunds love using it, because they customised and perfected it! Read on to find out why every dachshund should have one of our new sacks for burrowing in comfort....
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  3. Tips for how to measure your dachshund (when measuring your dachshund is difficult)

    Barkmatic Tips for how to measure your dachshund

    A friend in Italy recently emailed for suggestions on how to measure his young dachshund so he could order a bespoke coat from us.  He'd read our instructions on what to measure, but his 8-month old dachshund just wouldn't sit still, so it was the ´how to´ that was the problem for him.  There are other issues too with measuring your dog.  Read on to find out what we suggest.

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  4. Dachshund health: here's a great resource

    Dachshund health: here's a great resource

    Whether your dog is a new puppy or a senior, a rescue dog with behavioral problems or a young dog needing obedience training, welcoming a dog into your home, or living with a dachshund if the breed is new to you, is not entirely instinctive. It really helps to have access to expert and accurate information about health and wellbeing, including breed-specific health issues.

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  5. Your dachshund: harness or collar?

    harris tweed dog harness, in orange with yellow lining

    It’s always a dilemma for dog owners, especially with small dogs like dachshunds.  Is it better for my dog to wear a harness when out on a lead, or a collar?  It’s an issue we’ve wrestled with, both with our own two dachshunds and when designing and producing our bespoke dachshund coats for Barkmatic.  Read on to find out more.

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  6. New year, new languages, new shipping

    New year, new languages, new shipping

    We’ve all had to make big changes in our lives over the last year, at home, at work, and how we connect with friends and family, colleagues and customers.  We hope that 2021 will bring happier times for everyone.  It’s not just the pandemic. As a result of Brexit too, we’ve had to make some changes to the way we sell and ship our bespoke dachshund coats, and we want to share these with you.


    We started out in London in 2017 as a UK registered company, and we remain a UK operation, even though our founder Adeline now lives in north east Spain. After more than three years in business we have customers all over Europe and other parts of the world. However, the final departure of the UK from the EU and the end of the transition period meant we had to make changes in how we operate.  From 1 January 2021 the management of our website and marketing, and all our sales fulfillment, is do

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  7. Dog biscuits: who needs them?

    Dog biscuits: who needs them?

    We reckon that anyone who lives with a dachshund (or two) relies on dog treats of some kind or another to achieve any sort of control and training.  Our famously untrainable dachshunds can be trained with food incentives, and we think there’s a place for treats in dachshund diets, within reason. But what about dog biscuits, especially the kind of human-grade, beautifully-wrapped dog biscuits now available in delicatessens and at every farmers market in town?  Dogs will eat almost anything, so what’s the point of artisanal baked products for dogs? Read on to find out more.

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  8. Introducing our newest dachshund dog coat

    Introducing our newest dachshund dog coat

    We’ve just launched a new dog coat in our range of coats for dachshunds.  We thought we’d share with you what inspires us in our work to design and make Barkmatic coats, and why we always keep innovating. All our dog coats are designed to make it easier for humans and their dachshunds to spend time together outdoors, doing the things they love.  Read on to find out what’s great about our newest dachshund coat.

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  9. Help! My dachshund puppy is on heat

    Help! My dachshund puppy is on heat

    If you've never had a female dog before (technically a bitch, but I’m not going there) then you may be in for a bit of a surprise when she goes on heat for the first time. Being on heat (or being in oestrus) is the stage in a female dog's reproductive cycle during which she becomes receptive to mating with male dogs. Read on to hear about our recent experience with Pixel, our young dapple mini dachshund.

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  10. Choosing a dog coat for your dachshund: custom-fit vs. standard sizing

    Choosing a dog coat for your dachshund: custom-fit vs. standard sizing

    At Barkmatic we don’t believe in standard sizes for dachshund coats, because in real life dachshunds don't come in standard sizes either.  Dachshunds are not simply mini or standard. One look at the participants in any sausage dog walk will tell you that! They come in all sizes and proportions.  What started as a shopping quest for our own dachshund is now the Barkmatic brand, and our commitment to custom-fit coats as the solution for dachshund outdoor clothing.  Why not try a custom-fit Barkmatic coat for the same price as an off-the-peg dachshund coat from other brands? Read on to find out more...

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