Barkmatic is a bit British, a bit Italian, and completely dog.  The dog part is made up of Sunny, our handsome black-and-tan standard dachshund (a champion barker), and Pixel, our slinky dapple girl who is completely fearless.  

All dogs are born with their clothes on, but some dogs can use a bit of help to keep as warm and dry as possible.  It’s no secret that dachshunds can be a little reluctant to go outside in the rain and cold.  We design coats and specify fabrics and trims with just three functions in mind - to keep your dachshund warm, dry, and visible.  Warm and dry for their comfort and enjoyment, and visible to ensure your peace of mind.

We made a big decision to go down the custom-fit route for all our dachshund dog coats.  We know that in real life dachshunds don't come in standardised sizes.  There's an infinite variety of dachshund shapes and proportions.  Our custom-fit approach gives you the perfect fit for your dachshund, from the smallest kaninchen dachshund to the largest standard.

Because they are custom made, Barkmatic coats will always be long enough to cover the full length of your dog, and will accommodate the big dachshund chest.  Our coats are cut high above the front legs so that your dog can move about freely and can tackle stairs and obstacles with confidence.

Our humans love long distance running, and sportswear and technical clothing have been a big influence on the Barkmatic style. We know that outdoor wear needs to dry fast and clean easily, whether it’s for humans or dogs. We’ve brought that same thinking to Barkmatic dog coats for dachshunds.  
Our aim is to provide colourful dog coats with minimalist styling which fit your dachshund perfectly, so you and your dog can spend more time outside together doing the active things you love.  Custom-fit is our solution. We’ve kept it simple, and tried to keep our prices reasonable for the work involved in crafting a dog coat that will give a perfect fit for the lowest and loudest  member of your household.