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Measuring your dog

We’ve kept it simple

You need to give us just four measurements for your dachshund: the neck circumference, the chest circumference, the shoulder measurement, and the all-important neck to tail measurement.  You don't need to know these measurements when you order a coat.  We'll send you an email with our easy to use measuring form, and you can enter the measurements online when you're ready.  We'll check the measurements you give us, and if anything doesn't look right we'll contact you before starting production. It's the same to order a dog collar or bandana, we need only the neck circumference, which we'll ask you for after you've placed your order. 

measuring your dachshund


What should I use to measure my dog?

You need a flexible plastic or cloth tape measure to accurately measure the rounded shape of your dog.  A straight school ruler or a metal retractable builder’s measure won’t be accurate enough.  If you don’t have a flexible tape measure then use a piece of string or a shoelace and then carefully measure the string.

How should I measure my dog?

Don’t measure too tightly or too loosely.  You should be able to run a finger between the measuring tape or string and your dog's body.  We’ll add some ease to the sizing during the pattern drafting process.  If the coat style has velcro fastenings these will give you some more flexibility for sizing, for example if you are layering the coat with a fleece snuggler underneath, or if your dog is a little bigger or smaller than before.  Measure your dog when she or he is standing up, not when they are lying down.  

What about girly bits and boy bits?

Our current coat styles are unisex and don’t need any extra measurements to accommodate boy bits.  


These are the four measurements we need to make your dog's coat

A - Neck circumference 

Measure the total distance around your dog’s neck at the collar point, where the collar naturally sits on her body when she is standing up.  This is not necessarily the narrowest point of the neck, which will be a bit further up towards the head.

B - Chest circumference 

We need the circumference of your dog’s chest, measured just behind the front legs.  In dachshunds this is the widest part of their chest.  

C - Shoulder width

This is the distance between the top of each front leg over the back of your dog.  On a human this would be the shoulder width over the back. We need this to make sure that the coat is cut high enough over the front legs to allow proper movement.  Most off the shelf dog coats are cut too low over the legs for dachshunds to move freely in them.

D - Back length

Here we need the distance between the neck of your dog at the collar point, and the base of his or her tail.  This is the length of the back of your dachshund.