Dachshund snuggle sack Navy cover


Designed by humans, perfected by dachshunds, this two-piece snuggle sack is the answer to your dachshund's burrowing needs. A luxurious stretchy bamboo jersey sack on the outside, and a soft wool/maize filled quilt with grey cotton cover inside. It's like a bed and a blanket rolled into one. We’ve chosen neutral colours to work well everywhere in your home or office.

Our dachshunds love to customise their beds, so we designed this snuggle sack with them in mind. But expect your furry friend to rearrange it to their heart's content. The outer bag is stretchy, allowing them to stretch it around themselves for maximum comfort.

This snuggle sack is perfect for all seasons, and fits two dachshunds (maybe more). Roll it, fold it, use it indoors and outdoors, or bring it with you camping or in the car. The possibilities are endless. And when it's time to wash, simply throw it all in the machine at up to 30 degrees.

Don't settle for a plain dog bed or blanket when you can have the Barkmatic snuggle sack, made to order in our studio with high-quality materials. Your dachshund will thank you for it. Order now and give your dachshund the perfect place to snuggle and burrow.


• A portable, washable two-piece snuggle sack designed for dachshunds.
• Outer bag: 96% bamboo jersey, 4% elastane.  
• Inner quilt: Cover 100% prewashed cotton, filler 85% European traceable mulesing-free wool with 15% maize-based fibre. 100% renewable and biodegradable. 
• Measurements: Outer sack approximately 1.0 x 0.8m, quilted inner approximately 2.0 x 1.5m fully open and 1 x 0.8m when folded.
• Both parts of the snuggle sack can be machine washed up to 30C.