Our dogs are part of our families, they’re usually central to our home life, and can be a big part of life outside the house if they are properly equipped for the outdoors.  We love our dachshunds, and want to protect them from the elements. At Barkmatic we design coats that work for dogs, specifically dachshunds.  Whether you have one or several dachshunds, you know that their shape makes it difficult to find dog coats that fit.  

Things are done differently here at Barkmatic.  We don’t make dachshund dog coats in standard sizes.  Our experience is that unless a dog coat has been specifically designed for a dachshund it is not going to fit, end of story.  Beyond that, there are so many variables in the size and shape of dachshunds that standardised sizing can also be problematic. All our dog coats are made to measure, using our simple online measuring tool to share the details. 

Our goal has always been to give dachshunds the ability to have an outdoor lifestyle that allows for free movement in good quality, long lasting, easy to maintain and lightweight garments.  Beyond that our aim is for simple, stylish, functional design. No frills, no bows, no polka dots. 

Our new dog coat is an improved version of our Original dachshund coat, the very first coat we made when we started Barkmatic in 2017.  We put all our thinking into that coat, and it was packed with features.  We’ve learned by watching our own dachshunds wearing each Barkmatic coat during testing and then repeatedly in their finished form.  We’ve always said that if we can improve an element on a coat then we should.  

 What’s new in this coat?

Our newest coat is still called the Original.  We wanted to keep the simple design of the original Original dachshund dog coat.  But we decided to lose the simple collar.  This makes the coat more of an all-year-round coat, and makes it easier for owners to use separate knitted or fleece collars to add warmth and insulation, as these are very popular right now.  Our other dog coat designs have funnel collars which provide excellent protection for owners that want more coverage for their dachshunds.

Velcro eureka moment

We had a eureka moment to do with how we use Velcro earlier this year.  We love Velcro in all colours of the rainbow, and think it’s a great invisible option for closures on coats, especially for small dogs.  Recently we’ve made a big improvement on the way that our coats close by changing the direction of Velcro strips that are sewn onto straps from horizontal to vertical.  This makes the coat straps curve beautifully around the body of your dog, and gets rid of stiff straps that can spoil the look of a coat.  We’ve used this new technique on the new Original coat, and are changing our other coats too.  By the way, we always specify Velcro in a colour which matches the coat (red on red, orange on orange). 


Find the full range of bespoke, handmade coats and accessories for dachshunds only at our website.  We ship worldwide.