We love a quilted coat or waistcoat (or skirt!).  We’ve finally added a quilted coat to our range of bespoke dachshund coats.  Quilted garments give a real sense of cosiness, and made in a technical fabric they are practical, hardwearing, and on trend. For the first time we’ve used a renewable wool-maize-based filler in this coat.  Read on to find out more about the Winterwarmer coat, and the fascinating fabrics used….

For the longest time, despite being big fans of puffer coats and quilted clothing, we didn’t make a quilted, insulated dachshund coat because we couldn’t find a quilted fabric we liked.  The answer, as usual, was to make our own quilting, selecting fabrics that give the technical properties we need for one of our dog coats, like waterproofing and insulation, a featherweight feel, and a soft quiet fabric that doesn't rustle and scare dogs. The new Winterwarmer coat is also machine washable, but you can probably get away with wiping off dirt and air drying. We’ve had fun researching and experimenting with quilting patterns, and we’ve come up with a simple geometric design. 

Each Winterwarmer coat is made up of a sandwich of two outer layers of waterproof silicone-coated nylon ripstop, with a wool/maize padded filling for insulation and comfort. We cut each piece using a pattern drafted to fit your dachshund’s unique size and shape, then join them together in a sandwich. Did you know we make each coat to fit your dog, whatever her shape or size? 

Virgin traceable wool The insulating filling is perhaps the most interesting part of this coat.  We wanted to use something more sustainable for this coat, than the polyester fibre that we use for dog bedding.  The solution is a German-made wool-maize puffed product, made from traceable European virgin wool, mulesing free, and with a short transport chain and low carbon footprint.  Both the wool and corn elements are 100% renewable. The manufacturer follows a zero-waste policy, meaning that production leftovers are recycled or upcycled.  The version we use for the Winterwarmer coat is 85% wool, allowing for the best performance in insulation, temperature regulation, and moisture management for your dog.

Corn fibres The plant part of this insulation is a bio-based textile derived from corn fibre, a new alternative to synthetic fibres.  It is a man-made fibre derived entirely from annually renewable resources. The process used to make the fibre involves the fermentation, distillation and polymerization of a maize dextrose, a plant sugar. The sugars are fermented then transformed into a high-performance polymer, which can then be spun or otherwise processed into corn fibre for use in a wide range of textile applications. 

Nylon or polyester ripstop waterproof textiles Our waterproof outer layers are always silicone-coated nylon or polyester.  We choose them because they are high performing and long-lasting. We still regularly use some of our early coats with Sunny, these coats are six years old and still going strong.  The long-lasting quality of these synthetic fabrics is of course a good thing and a bad thing.  If recycled correctly the fibres can be reused, if not they just go into landfill or incineration. We design our coats to withstand long years of use and washing, and would be happy if you just buy one coat from us, a coat that truly fits your dachshund and lasts for many years. 

Take a look at our Winterwarmer coat here

Wishing you and your dachshunds a cosy cold season!

The Barkmatic team.