It started a few months ago when we made a big floor cushion for the dogs using an old queen-size duvet and a soft cover.  We had recently changed our duvet, and wanted to use the old one for something, not simply throw it out.  Once we made the cushion, our two dachshunds then customised what was really just a big pillow to better suit their needs, ripping open one side seam so they could get right inside the duvet, and then chewing an escape hole at the other end.  And so the bed became a bag!  They spent so much time in it that in the end we decided to design a smarter version for Barkmatic, in our signature simple modern style.  

Our two-piece snuggle sack gives your dachshund the option to configure it as they want.  Two pieces rather than the usual one-piece snuggle sack give your dachshund maximum customisation potential, which they clearly enjoy.

Sunny and Pixel love to rearrange the inner quilt, turning around and around inside until the configuration suits them, and then hide away completely cocooned to sleep. They drag the sack  around the house to a sunny position,  and to the front door when we go for a walk.  We´ve been using it in the car, on the floor, on our sofas, and outside in the garden. 

The outer bag is made from heavy, stretchy, bamboo jersey, in a choice of decor-friendly colours. No faux fur, no patterns, just simple luxurious jersey.  Our dogs love to stretch the cover around themselves once inside the bag.  The inner quilt - it's like a duvet - is covered in prewashed grey cotton, and folded into four, but expect your dachshund to rearrange it!  We´ve made the quilt with rounded corners to reduce chewing (it´s worked so far!).  The quilt  makes a cosy insulated and cushioned nest for your dachshund. 

Our snuggle sack is made to order in the Barkmatic studio.  It comes in just one generous size (1 x 0.8m) which fits up to two dachshunds, and is suitable for all seasons.   We haven't made it in different weights for different seasons.  From watching our two, we know that if your dachshund needs more warmth they will burrow inside the insulating quilt, otherwise they will lounge on top in warmer months.  Both parts of the snuggle sack are completely machine washable, it's a whole lot easier to keep clean than a structured bed.

Roll it, fold it, use it indoors and outside, take it camping or in the car. Our snuggle sack is infinitely flexible for you and your dachshund.  Designed by humans, perfected by dachshunds.  It´s a great piece of kit for dachshunds, and allows them to deploy their natural inclination is to burrow and dig.  

Happy snuggling to you all!