Rainbuster Dachshund Coat

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Rainbuster Dachshund Coat
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We know, we know. Dachshunds really don’t like the rain! This wraparound raincoat designed for dachshunds is here to help.

The light-as-a-feather ripstop nylon means you can pack the Rainbuster in your pocket or handbag. Keep it in the car all year round, just in case.

The coat has great underbody coverage for low-slung chests and tummies. The neck-warmer collar keeps out wind and rain.   

If you prefer darker colours, check out this raincoat in navy, grey, khaki and camo, with reflective panels for nighttime and low-light conditions.

We make each Rainbuster coat to order, to fit your dachshund's unique shape and size. To order, you only need to choose the colour you want. After you’ve placed your order we’ll email you with our easy-to-use online form where you enter four simple measurements, and then we'll get started on your order.