Mohair Neckwarmer

When it’s cold outside, keep your dachshund cosy in simple luxury with our custom-fit neckwarmer.

Made from a little slice of luxurious soft, thick wool mohair, woven on handlooms by a decades-old family business in La Rioja, Spain.

Choose from bright, jewel colours or a neutral taupe.  Our neckwarmers work just as well in contrasting colours to our wool or technical fabric coats (try orange with green), or go tone on tone (taupe with brown, indigo with baby blue). 

We make our neckwarmers to fit your dachshund. We want you to have the best fit possible.  You just need to choose your colour to place your order.  After that we’ll send you an email to ask for the simple neck measurement we need to get started on your dog’s bandana




A lightweight but warm small dog neckwarmer 

73% Mohair,  24% Wool,  3% Polyamide

As it is a naturally long fibre, anything made from mohair will tend to shed some hair.  This is completely normal and there is no reason to be alarmed.

Mohair needs to be well cared for to keep it in good condition. 

  • Don’t wash, bleach, tumble dry, iron or dry clean your neckwarmer.  Simply brush with a hard clothes brush, always in the direction of the nap.  If the neckwarmer gets wet, pull into shape and air dry flat.
  • At the end of the winter season we suggest you air the neckwarmer to make sure it's dry, shake it out, then seal it in a plastic bag to keep its condition intact for the next season. 

Measuring your dog is easy! Have a look at our measure & fit page here.  Get in touch if you want to talk to us about measurements.