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Made in London

Our design and making process 

Each one of our dachshund coats is made by hand in our studio.  

When we receive your order, and the measurements you give us, the pattern block for your dog is drafted by hand.  Take a look at our sizing and measurement page for useful tips on measuring your dachshund.

Each coat is machine sewn using our signature grey thread, then finished by hand, and quality checked before shipping.  Like bespoke suits for humans, we hand stitch (baste) some complex seams that have many layers before we machine stitch them so that we get the best quality finish for your dog's coat.

Barkmatic coats have a care label, blank name tag for your dog's name (useful if your dog is in someone else’s care), and a hanging tag for drying or storage.  We ship them to you with a small grey drawstring bag.


Testing, testing!

We test each coat design and the materials and components we use before we offer them to you.  

Our coat designs have been developed using our own dachshunds as a model.  Coat designs have been repeatedly adjusted in response to testing before we put them in our online shop.  We've ensured that our coats allow our dogs to move their legs and body freely without being swamped in fabric, that they can comfortably poo and pee, and that the neck and body closures and the lead and harness insertion points are positioned correctly for easy attachment.  

In the testing phase, Barkmatic dog coats have been washed and dried repeatedly to ensure that they can be properly cleaned, and that finishes and sizing are not affected by washing. Barkmatic dachshund coats are designed to be super-easy to wash and dry.


Textile heaven

Our coats are made from jewel coloured lightweight flexible nylon with a polyurethane coating to make it waterproof, reinforced with a ripstop grid pattern for extra strength.  We also use super fine silicone coated polyester, combining the highest water resistance possible with ultra-light packability.

Fleece linings are made of medium-weight 100% polyester polar fleece, which is soft and highly breathable, and provides warmth without weight. Fleece is easy care, fast drying, and durable, and retains much of its insulating power even when wet.

We love reflective trims, fluorescent Velcro, and flashing LED lights.  We're always looking out for new fabrics and trims, and ways to use them in our dachshund coats.  

We have a small obsession with camouflage patterns and their history around the world.