New year, new languages, new shipping

We’ve all had to make big changes in our lives over the last year, at home, at work, and how we connect with friends and family, colleagues and customers.  We hope that 2021 will bring happier times for everyone.  It’s not just the pandemic. As a result of Brexit too, we’ve had to make some changes to the way we sell and ship our bespoke dachshund coats, and we want to share these with you.


We started out in London in 2017 as a UK registered company, and we remain a UK operation, even though our founder Adeline now lives in north east Spain. After more than three years in business we have customers all over Europe and other parts of the world. However, the final departure of the UK from the EU and the end of the transition period meant we had to make changes in how we operate.  From 1 January 2021 the management of our website and marketing, and all our sales fulfillment, is do

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