In our blog post ‘Wardrobe problems: how to find a dog coat to fit a dachshund?’ we asked “What is it with dachshunds and rain?“  At that time our undercover designs were still in development, but we knew they would be an essential part of our range of dog coats. 

We’re excited that two additional dog coat styles, designed for dachshunds of all sizes, and in our signature sportswear style, are now available for custom orders.  We need only four simple measurements to make these for your dachshund.  Like good outdoor gear for humans, they're designed to be super easy to wash and dry, and are built to last!

The Cocoon dachshund coat

The Wraparound Fleece dog coat is the ideal winter coat for your dachshund.  It’s got a fleece-lined insulating neck-warmer style collar which fits high on the neck and fastens with a colourburst bungee elastic and cordlock.  You know how dachshunds are so good at reversing? We don’t need to pull this coat off our standard dachshund Sunny, we just open the elastic collar and he reverses right out of it!  You can access your dog’s collar through the opening, or we can add a harness attachment point for you in the place you specify.  

The upper is a fleece-lined water-resistant nylon with silicon coating and matching elastic trim which maintains the coat shape. Unlike most dog coats which have no contouring, this one is cut high over the legs and allows your dachshund to run and climb stairs freely.  A fleece-lined panel extends down from the collar over the chest and right under the tummy, and fastens over your dog’s back with an adjustable webbing strap and side clip buckle.  

The Cocoon is cosy, insulated, and highly water resistant.  We never tire of saying that it will also fit your dog properly.  No more wasted purchases on dog coats that don’t fit.

Rainbuster dachshund raincoat

The Rainbuster raincoat works on the same principles as the Cocoon, but it’s just a single unlined layer of highly water-resistant, super-light, crisp nylon ripstop. It’s a raincoat designed for dachshunds to wear in the wet all year round. Because it’s light and adjustable around the tummy, you can layer it over a fleece coat, as well as wear it on its own. 

The raincoat is designed to cover the chest and underside of your dachshund, keeping your dog as clean and dry as possible.  The edges are finished with a self coloured elastic that helps keep a good shape when worn.

This dachshund raincoat is a close fitting sporty style, in a burst of strong colour.  We don’t think there’s any point in making a loose-fitting leg covering raincoat for dachshunds because their little legs get all tangled up in loose fabric.  Hoods on dog coats are usually decorative and won’t pull fully over the head. We don’t think a good fit can be achieved for a hood that really fits without complex measurements, which we believe introduces too great a possibility of error for our online customers.  We want a simple, reliable system for our customers, so no dog coats with hoods here.

The dachshund raincoat folds to almost nothing so you can keep it in your coat pocket, handbag, or glove compartment in your car in case rain comes out of nowhere.   You can wipe the raincoat dry or hang it for an hour. 

The Cocoon and the Rainbuster, our most popular coats, can usually be made for you within a week. So your dachshund won’t need to wait long for comfort and style. 

Enjoy the weather!