At Barkmatic we believe in the distinction between dog clothing and dog coats.  Yes, you’re right, it’s sometimes a fine distinction.  Dog clothes tend to be purchased to give pleasure and fulfillment to humans and dog parents (black tie dog suit for a wedding, or a summer dress for a dog, anyone?).  Dogs may derive little benefit from being outfitted this way.  Some will freeze in place or paw at the clothes, a sure sign that they want the clothes off. A bandana or bow tie is a fun way for you to include your dachshund in special occasions without discomfort for your dog.  On the other hand, other types of dog garment or dog outerwear are more akin to sports kit or equipment, and tend to be aligned with the needs of the dog. There’s a genuine dog-centred reason for them to be worn. We believe these functional garments should look great as well. 

Here in the UK, we know that rain will be a given all year round.  This is not good news for rain-resistant dachshunds and their humans. However, needs must, and even dachshunds have to go outside for toileting.  Keeping dry with a proper waterproof dachshund dog coat may make walkies a bit easier to bear.  Keeping dry generally means keeping warm, so waterproofing may be sufficient to avoid heat loss.  But on really cold days we sometimes put our standard dachshund Sunny in a fleece base layer (fleece is insulating even when wet), and add our wraparound custom-fit Barkmatic raincoat over the top.  

Even without rain and damp underfoot conditions, conserving body heat is important for smaller dogs, puppies, elderly dogs, nursing dog, thin dogs, ill and recovering dogs, and dogs with short hair.  These groups of dogs will likely all benefit from assistance in both generating and conserving body warmth in the form of a coat, fleece or sweater. Many dog parents pay for premium dog food, yet may hesitate to invest in a well-fitting winter coat for their dog.

A bit of wet and cold won’t adversely affect young and healthy dachshunds, but we like to think that all daxes, not only younger, older, and more vulnerable dachshunds are more comfortable if they’re warm and dry. 

Ensuring that your dog is clearly visible, both to you and others, is half the battle when it comes to keeping your dachshund safe during walks in the dark and off leash adventures. This applies whether you’re out and about in a rural or urban environment.  A bright, eye-catching dog coat will help to make your dachshund visible to you and others.  A dog coat with reflective trims, a hi-vis dog vest or bib, or even clip-on reflective patches as used by runners, are all essential in low light conditions and at night. 

Reflective trims, as used by Barkmatic in our dachshund dog coats, will make your dog visible when caught in car headlights or streetlights.  During long, dark days in the winter months your dog may be outside before dawn and a couple of times after dark. It makes sense to invest in proper reflective kit for your dachshund. 

If your dachshund is recovering from surgery, a properly-fitting dog coat can act as a barrier, preventing them from licking, chewing or scratching a wound or dressing.  Writing from the UK, it’s not easy to imagine managing extremes of heat or cold for your dog.  But just a little online research shows that in some climates, dogs may benefit from cooling vests sold by reputable dog coat manufacturers, and dog booties for slushy extreme cold.  

Dog coats help humans keep both the dog and the home environment clean (or cleaner). A properly fitting dog coat can be taken off at the door, meaning less dry dirt, rainy mud, or petrol/diesel street dirt  - or worse - brought inside needing to be wiped off, and fewer baths for your dog. Dachshund tummies are often soaked and caked with dirt after a winter walk while their top half is relatively clean. 


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