New year, new languages, new shipping

We’ve all had to make big changes in our lives over the last year, at home, at work, and how we connect with friends and family, colleagues and customers.  We hope that 2021 will bring happier times for everyone.  It’s not just the pandemic. As a result of Brexit too, we’ve had to make some changes to the way we sell and ship our bespoke dachshund coats, and we want to share these with you.


We started out in London in 2017 as a UK registered company, and we remain a UK operation, even though our founder Adeline now lives in north east Spain. After more than three years in business we have customers all over Europe and other parts of the world. However, the final departure of the UK from the EU and the end of the transition period meant we had to make changes in how we operate.  From 1 January 2021 the management of our website and marketing, and all our sales fulfillment, is done by a company in Barcelona.  This enables us to continue to sell and ship to all our clients in Europe, and the UK (now out of Europe), with the correct taxes applied for customers wherever they live. 


Our UK customers can now buy from us without paying the sales tax that we are required to add for online sales for our customers in Europe.  The ticket price for each coat will be reduced in your cart to reflect this.  However, you will now be liable for VAT and a customs duty in the UK, and we understand that you will pay any charges via UPS.  We now charge to ship to the UK to reflect the fact that we have to spend time to complete customs documents.  We think that in the end our UK customers will probably end up paying about the same price for our coats as they did up until the final Brexit.


Since the pandemic started, we have been shipping all our orders via the UPS courier service.  This means that neither we nor our customers have to go to a Post Office to pick up missed deliveries, and so don’t have to queue up inside with other people.  This change also means that our shipping is faster than before for most customers, though it seems that in the early months of 2021 UK customers may need to wait longer while everyone works out how to deal with the new customs paperwork on imported items.  At least any forms or payments needed to receive orders from the EU can all be done online.


We'll review our shipping later this year in case we need to make any improvements and changes, and in the meantime we'll try to keep our coat prices as low as possible and shipping fast and free wherever we can.


And the other news is that we now have versions of the Barkmatic online store in German and Spanish, with Italian and possibly French coming soon. The only thing we haven't translated is our blog!